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IMC specialise in industrial monitoring and control systems for process automation and security purposes. Our depth of expertise sets us apart and clients value our friendly, responsive service, with an engineer on call 24/7 for support. We work with a variety of industries including defence, electrical utilities, agriculture and transport. 

We work closely with you - in a transparent and collaborative way - to create innovative solutions. Our systems are bespoke, designed to give you the best results and highest return on investment.

An IMC system is not just a working solution, it is the best possible solution for your situation. We continually investigate new technology and can draw on expertise from numerous fields to create your bespoke design. 

Currently, our systems include a mixture of video surveillance, laser monitoring, thermal/spectral imaging, UAV (drones) and wifi or fibre optic connectivity.

Our Team


Tim Snell

· Managing Director

· B. Eng. (Computer), MBA


Alex Murray

· Senior Engineer

· B. Eng. (Electrical)


Joe Bullock

· Senior Engineer

· B. Eng. (Computer)


Pat Ivory

· Engineer

· B. Eng. (Electrical)


Alex Hirst

· Engineer

· B. Eng. (Computer)


Jonathan Farnworth

· Student Engineer

· Studying Mechatronics Engineering


Karen Mulhall

· Office Manager


Ralph Asquith

· Commercial Director


Our Capabilities

IMC has a unique culture. Our founding principle centred on bridging the gap between research and industry. We endeavour to bring cutting edge technology, scientific and engineering research together to provide innovative solutions to previously unsolvable problems. An ongoing relationship with universities and research institutions and an intrinsic desire to find new and better ways to do things are ingrained in every staff member. This presents both in the solutions offered to our clients and internally in the methodologies, procedures and systems we employ that provide us a clear competitive advantage over less dynamic and adaptive institutions.

We pride ourselves on being engineering focussed and responsive, offering a personal touch in the form of direct customer interaction with key technical staff. Our overarching philosophy is one of cooperation, openness and trust and we strive to work openly and effectively with both customers and other operators.




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