IMC has worked across a diverse range of projects, including: 

Environmental: Bat detection, Whale tracking, Turtle counting, Biomass estimation, Mine site rehabilitation monitoring

Recycling and waste management: Early fire detection, Metal shredding, Materials sorting

UAS and Drone: IMC Dual sensor payload, Electrical utility inspection robot, Environmental research drones

Vehicle mounted systems: Coal site vehicle, Electrical utility inspection vehicles

Mining: Computer vision systems - coal wagon empty detection, Distributed camera systems, Camera tracking and vehicle speed analysis, Automation and Remote Machine Operation, Stockpile volume estimation, Spontaneous combustion detection systems, Environmental reporting systems 

Metals: Non-contact temperature estimation, Environmental reporting systems, Process control and automation systems

Agriculture: Chicken handling systems, Cow stress monitoring, Aerial sensors and data management

Browse project profiles below:

coal carriage 740x350

IMC has developed a Video Analytic system for coal trains. The video below demonstrates a VA system that detects coal hang-ups in wagons at unloading stations. 

banner coal pile

Many bulk materials, such as coal and organic wastes, are stored as large piles in open yards where air and moisture promote decomposition and exothermic reactions that raise the pile’s temperature.

banner flare

Flare stacks are used in many industries to burn off unwanted waste gas byproducts, or flammable gases released by pressure relief valves during unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment.


IMC have developed a vehicle mount system for inspection of:


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